About Us


The writing on this website is based soley on my experience and growth as an audiophile in my journey, and are my honest opinions. We have interest in music and technicalities in gear and want to give our honest opinion on the experience on with the product that we review. We are students, consider ourselves experimental hobbyist, and are somewhat collectors.

Links at the end of product reviews with the header "Products" on this site are "affiliate links", which net a ~10% commission to idealitysound if the product is purchased with the destination of the link. If you'd like to support us, purchasing a product using the affiliate links at the end of the product review would allow us to produce funds towards purchase and review of equipment that are requested by readers or that we have researched and have interest in. Thank you for your support in helping us explore this hobby.

Why did this site come into being?

This website is to help hobbyists make purchasing decisions based off observations in gear by idealitysound. Affiliate links that conclude article posts allow us earn ~10% commission if readers use the Amazon link to purchase equipment we have reviewed. We funnel the earnings into equipment that either we or readers are interested in.