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HIFIMAN HE560 V4 (Updated 12/16/2021)

HIFIMAN HE560 V4 (Updated 12/16/2021)'s image

If you are an audiophile who plans to experiment with different chains and happen to find a deal on the glorious HiFiMan HE560 V4, I urgently implore you to buy. The HiFiMan HE560 V4 with some of my chains had me jumping out of my seat, in awe, shocked and amazed. 


I’d like to begin by reiterating that the HiFiMan HE560 V4 is an under-cover Summit-Fi headphone that is waiting for the proper chain to come power it. Right now, my chain is:

Singxer SU-6 -> Audio-GD HE-7 (2017) -> Blue Jeans Coaxial Cable (Single, 3ft, 6ft) -> ampsandsound Kenzie -> HiFiMan HE560 V4

It’s a forward sound that can envelop you if such details are in the recording; however, it has a mostly forward presentation, meaning the notes are kind of “in your face”. The extension of the notes as well as the bass are overall can provide a lovely atmosphere on the HE560 V4.

I tend to look at headphones as each providing their own unique, special sound, rather than being better than another. I feel the HiFiMan HE560 V4 succeeds astonishingly and tremendously at what it brings and where it stands at the "Hi-Fi table". It’s an overall comprehensive sound that is very capable of bringing out its very own specialty of the “best possible way to experience music”.

Concerning music, what's important to me is the layering, the extension, the ability to process and render complexity, the quality of the bass, the overall cleanliness of sound, its soundstage, and the atmosphere that is painted by the notes. With my current chain, HiFiMan HE560 V4 does not lack any criteria, rather, it punches way above its weight by going the extra mile and brings you what can only be explained as a comprehensive Hi-Fi joy.

From the price/value ratio standpoint, I feel my HE560, is a purchase that allows it to punch towards headphones in the ~$2000-3000 dollar range. Granted the sound is mostly forward, the extension of the notes paints a wider stage; holographically wide. The extension assists in painting the stage. It can go deep and sound comprehensive and sublime. If present in the recording, the complexity of a track is captured with space, air, and a spectacular presentation that has generally pleasing to listen to. 

The notes can seem a bit less "clean" than when compared with other headphones such as the Arya, but it is clean. With a suitable chain, there’s a lot of music you can explore and enjoy with these headphones. 

The extensions and crescendos go very deep, surprisingly deep for headphones that go for $250 on sale. The ability for the cans to capture the mood of a song with a technically comprehensive, strong representation is simply out of this world; as I've said, take that $250 and multiply it by 10-20, utilizing my current chain. I truly believe this is end-game sound with Mid-Fi headphones.

Sources: Audio-GD HE-7, Yulong D18

USB: Singxer SU-6

Amplifiers: ampsandsound Kenzie OG Rev 2

Product Links: 


Music used:

RKCB, Dave Gibson - 31 / 10

DRAMA - Don't Hold Back

Wet - Larabar


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