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HIFIMAN HE6se V2 Review

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The reviewer is giving his honest experience with the product and was not paid to write a favorable article. The gear was purchased due to interest and enjoyment in sound quality and in pursuit of gaining more technical knowledge.

Tonal Balance / Neutrality9.5
Price / Performance Ratio9
Sound Fidelity9.5
Build Quality10
Bass Extension10
Bass Balance10
Lower Midrange Balance9.5
Midrange Proper Balance9.5
Upper Midrange Balance9.5
Treble Balance9.5
Treble Extension9.5
Bass Control9.5
Tone Density9.8
Macro Dynamics9.5
Micro Dynamics9.5
Sound Stage Width9.5
Sound Stage Depth9.5

*Update 4/27/2023


My initial thoughts with the HIFIMAN HE6se V2 were that it had a good soundstage, impact, and body. The sound was nuanced, smooth, detailed, and expansive. Though it’s a neutral headphone, there is a certain liveliness and elegance in the sound of the HE6se V2.

The HIFIMAN HE6se V2 is a reimagining of the HE6, which is HIFIMAN’s highly regarded headphone, known as being the ultimate reference headphone for the most demanding of listeners.

The HE6se V2 is advertised as a no-compromise headphone that delivers a transparent and completely natural rendition of the most complex recordings, and a power-hungry headphone that needs 2 watts per channel or more.

HIFIMAN HE6se V2 on Woo Audio HPS-T headphone stand next to garden

After years of having the HE6se V2, sometimes I fell into the thinking that perhaps the gear I had wasn't powerful enough to power the HE6se V2, but after more thorough listening with the HE6se V2, I found that the Feliks Audio Euforia MK I remains an excellent source for the HE6se V2.

I like the HE6se V2 because of its clarity, air, and resolution. The bass quality is phenomenal; it is impactful, clean, extends, and goes very deep. Even with the Feliks Audio Euforia, which has been said to have a lighter bass quality, the HE6se V2 has balanced bass, but the slam is present, impactful, and enjoyable.

HIFIMAN HE6se V2 on Woo Audio HPS-T headphone stand next to garden

The HE-560 V4 is close to the HE6se V2, however, the HE-560 V4 is slightly less resolving, with less bass quantity/quality, and less smooth. The HE6se V2, in its neutrality, might be considered an upgrade over the HE 560 V4 for its resolution, but the HE 560 V4 remains a competitive, reference-grade headphone that performs beautifully in its neutral-warm signature. From the HE-560 V4 to the HE6se V2, it's more of a side grade; the HE-560 V4 is also highly resolving and has a more engaging ambiance, which cannot be understated, to complement the clarity of the HE6se V2.

The base signature of the HE6se V2 is beautiful; it's detailed, engaging, and neutral. While the HE1000se is superior, the HE6se V2 has a thorough, clean bass quality, natural treble, and good soundstage, all of which come together and allow the HE6se V2 to create a highly engaging sound. The HE6se V2 has a very resolving sound with strong tonal density. Though clarity is a step down from the HE1000se, this allows the HE6se V2 to be less fatiguing over time.  

The differences between the HE1000se and HE6se V2 allow them to be headphones that are complementary to each other; where the HE1000se tonal density might be too light, the HE6se V2 presents qualities still present in the HE1000se like a balanced, natural sound, but with a unique tonal presence, strong bass quality, and highly engaging, mellow character that makes it a great headphone. 

HIFIMAN HE6se V2 on Woo Audio HPS-T headphone stand next to garden

In the end, my revisits to the HE6se V2 always end up being enjoyable, because it stands on its own as a great, balanced signature that has the ability to draw out the best details in music and engage you with strong, quality notes.

Though you can get more detail and an accurate yet fun playback with a headphone like the HE1000se, the HE6se V2 is the more musical and engaging headphone because the life-like accuracy is not as strong in the HE6se V2.

At $1,800 MSRP, if you want to purchase the HE6se V2, a deal usually happens on Black Friday, and stores drop the price on the HE6se V2, and it could be had for ~$800 USD. There's also a sale on the HIFIMAN HE-560 V4 that puts it at ~$260. I still believe that at $1,800, the HE6se V2 is a worthy price.

HIFIMAN HE6se V2 on Woo Audio HPS-T headphone stand next to garden

I would consider the HE6se V2 an upgrade to mid-fi gear like the Sennheiser HD 600 or the HD 650. The HE6se V2 makes an excellent headphone because it has great instrument separation and resolution. I think a headphone like the Sennheiser HD 600 holds its' own in the neutral headphone category, but I still consider the HE6se V2 an upgrade its' more detailed note quality. Both headphones are priced similarly in recent times, and the HE6se V2 goes on sale for ~$400 on Adorama, and the Sennheiser HD 600 retails for ~$350 on Amazon

One thing that should be noted is that the HE6se V2 scales with more powerful amplifiers, and I've found that the Feliks Audio Euforia MK I had enough power to play the HE6se V2 beautifully.

I would recommend the HE6se V2 for anyone with a powerful amplifier looking for a generalist headphone with an amazing planar magnetic implementation. It's a no-compromise, full sound that I find myself going back to for its immersive and masterful playback.

Product Link: Adorama,

Sources: Audio-GD HE-7 MK I, Topping D90SE

Cables: Blue Jeans Coaxial Cables (3 foot, 6 foot), Worlds Best Cables (Amphenol)

USB: Singxer SU-6

Amplifiers: Yulong A18, Feliks Audio Euforia



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