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Sennheiser HD650 vs Audeze LCD 2.2 Pre-Fazor (Updated 1/29/2022)

Sennheiser HD650 vs Audeze LCD 2.2 Pre-Fazor (Updated 1/29/2022)'s image

I’ve owned the Sennheiser HD650s for about seven years now. It’s been my primary headphones for the various equipment I’ve used. They are an excellent pair of headphones that have been scaling with my gear and doing it in ways that exceed my expectations.

I purchased the Audeze LCD 2 rev. 2 in 2019 to add to my headphone collection after researching Mid-Fi headphones. I’ve wanted a pair after repeatedly encountering reviews about it’s similarities to the HD650, and finally decided that I’d purchase one to complement my Sennheiser HD650s.

After carefully listening and comparing the two, I believe they are different headphones altogether. There’s some expectation that the LCD 2 rev. 2, being the more expensive headphone would be the better sounding headphone; however, that’s not exactly the case.

At first, I wasn’t smitten with the LCD 2 rev. 2, I thought it was quite flat compared with the HD650s. They didn’t provide the warmth and forwardness that engaged me as with Sennheiser HD650s. The Sennheiser HD650s provided a more life-like timbre that appealed to me. Because the notes are lusher and extended, the HD650 captures a fuller expression of music.

With the LCD 2 rev. 2, the presentation is more balanced and spread out in its big and well-defined soundstage. The Sennheiser HD650s soundstage doesn't reach this level of nuance, which may be desired to some.

With time, I've come to appreciate the more balanced presentation along with the bass quality of the LCD 2.2 Pre-Fazor, but without proper cabling, I find that I prefer the expressiveness of the Sennheiser HD650.

With the Sennheiser HD650s, raw emotion is captured through the forwardness of the notes to a remarkable degree. I'm constantly left surprised and satisfied at how well the Sennheiser HD650s scale with equipment; with the Feliks Audio Euforia, the G1217 Sunrise III, ampsandsound Kenzie OG Rev. 2, and ampsandsound Agartha, the changes in the sound signature have always been enjoyable to experience.

Presentations are entirely different with between the Sennheiser HD650s and LCD 2 rev. 2. I find that the HD650's are not confined to a soundstage, have a more life-like timbre, and is forward. The Sennheiser HD650 is an enjoyable listen for any person as a generalist headphone. With the LCD 2 rev. 2, there needs to be a premium cable to enjoy the headphone, and this is not to be understated; the Audeze LCD 2 rev. 2 are a different animal with the Audeze Premium cables, bringing more clarity, sparkliness, timbre, a new sense of space, vastly improved imaging, and definition.

When I started out becoming interested in Hi-Fi, the Sennheiser HD650s was always a headphone that I saw was raved about on After seeing it scale so well with the gear that I have, it has become one of my favorite headphones. The soundstage on the Sennheiser HD650, however, is not as wide, and the presentation is quite confined in that regard. 
Both headphones are worth owning, but you need proper cables in order give life to the Audeze LCD 2 rev. 2. I haven't had the opportunity to buy quality cables for my Sennheiser HD650, but judging from what I hear, I honestly don't see how a headphone could get any better with respect to its base signature.

Sources: Audio-GD HE-7 MK I, Yulong D18

Cables: Blue Jeans Coaxial Cables (3 foot, 6 foot)

USB: Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2, Singxer SU-6

Amplifiers: Yulong A18, Feliks Audio Euforia, ampsandsound Kenzie OG Rev 2, ampsandsound Agartha 2021

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Sennheiser HD-650:

Audeze LCD-2 2021:


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