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World's Best Cables Review

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The reviewer is giving his honest experience with the product and was not paid to write a favorable article. The gear was purchased due to interest and enjoyment in quality of sound.

World’s Best Cables (WBC) is a brand that was recommended to me by an industry professional as really good cables at an affordable price. The name was intriguing, so I searched them on Amazon and found that they were fairly priced at ~$30-40. 

The company has excellent customer service with 10 years warranty, and if I didn’t like them, Amazon has a great return policy.

It seems the idea behind World’s Best Cables is that they create their cables from leading manufacturers in the cable industry. They create cables for musicians, public speakers, and audiophiles with the mantra “Affordability to Everyone”.

I love both Mogami Neutrik and Amphenol cables, but aside from Mogami, there are other brands sold by World's Best Cables such as Canare, Gotham, Van Damme, Neutrik, Amphenol, and Eminence. We are offered cables that are industry-leading, and it’s awesome that they are made very accessible through the World’s Best Cables brand.

The first two cables I tried from WBC were their Mogami Neutrik’s Rean and Mogami 2964 Amphenol ACPL. I thought the Neutrik was really nice and neutral; it smoothened and flattened some of the edges and made the background and notes cleaner. I used a neutral DAC, and ultimately, the cables helped in quite a large way to make it even cleaner.

When I tried the Mogami Amphenol ACPL, I was very surprised. The cables brought a magic euphony to the notes, stage, and overall character, and I was quite impressed. To top it off, it added no thickness to the notes. The sound remains clear, but takes on an ethereal character; the notes are more liquid with more body, yet it remains very lean, and smooth, having also an alluring ambiance.

Mogami Amphenol Cables hanging from Woo Audio headstand on a plant table

These cables are very good. In all, they added their touch to the sound. The Mogami Neutrik brought a neutral touch and reduced the noise floor, resulting in a lovely sound, while the Mogami Amphenol ACPL gave a very interesting, favorable flavor.

My success with these cables led me to purchase a few more by World’s Best Cables, namely the Mogami 2549 Amphenol ACPR, Mogami 2534 Amphenol ACPR, Canare L-4E6S Amphenol ACPR, and Gotham GAC-4/1 Amphenol ACPR, though if you like the more neutral signature which also plays beautifully, you can go with the Neutrik versions.


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